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Horacio A. Martinez was born August 30th 1987 in Caracas, Venezuela. Living in Los Angeles, California.

He started his passion for visual storytelling at the age 16 when he got his first Nikon SLR camera. As a former film composer kept film and music as a huge part of his life, composing for short films and narratives.

Former Journalist, finished his studies and got a bachelor's degree in Journalism, during his teenage years he worked as a PA at a TV station in Venezuela.

After all the political chaos happening in his country, Horacio moved to San Diego, CA in 2013, then he moved to Los Angeles where he attended the New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA, formalizing his studies in Cinematography in 2017.

He has shot 11 Feature Films so far around the US and Internationally, as well as multiple music videos and Documentaries, his work has been featured in Billboard, Forbes, CNN, ABC, Bloomberg, and many multiple other magazines and platforms.

In 2021 he was invited by Ryan Avery (Vice-President of Tokina Cinema USA) to join the roster of "Featured Artists".

In 2022 the SVC "Venezuelan Society of Cinematographers" invited him to join their roster as an Active Member.

In September 2022, he was selected to participate in the ASC Vision Mentorship 2022-2023.

The critically acclaimed film "Simon", which Horacio served as the Director of Photography has won multiple awards, across different film festivals around the world, including for Horacio, Best Cinematography at the Venezuela Film Festival.

In November 2023 "Simon" was nominated for the Goya Awards as the best Ibero-American film.

Horacio also served as Director of Photography for the Documentary "Patria y Vida: The Power of Music", which has had a successful run in the film festivals circuits around the world.

The critically acclaimed documentary "Patria Y Vida: The Power of Music" was Nominated for a Latin Grammy as "Best Long Form Music Video" at the Latin Grammys 2023.

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